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About Me

My name is Sam and I am the creator of Santosha Rose. I am hugely grateful and humbled that I get to be a yoga teacher, immersive workshop leader, reiki practitioner, mentor and coach. In my "day job" I am the CEO of of a not-for-profit company that supports people to transform their lives. I consider myself to be an eclectic nerd with a vast range of interests and passions, and I see my life as something between an adventure and a science experiment. I am an avid learner on topics ranging from history and philosophy to mental health and social justice to leadership and personal finance. Everything I learn that feels resonant is then tested out in my own life and is gradually distilled down to the things that work for me. I get huge fulfilment in using these experiments to help others to navigate the challenges of this human life and love it when things I share make a positive difference to the lives of others. 

The core that runs through everything I learn, test out and teach is a deep and open curiosity about the world and about our human experience of it. 7 years ago, when a mental health crisis brought me to my knees, I asked the question “Is this it?” I knew the effort it would take to “recover;” to get back to where I was. But where I was wasn’t actually such a great place to be. I was exhausted. Depleted. Hustling. Every day I used tremendous energy to keep putting one foot in front of the other, without really knowing why. I was running in the hamster wheel of a life I did not choose, and which did not fulfil me. I made the decision not to recover from mental ill health, but to transform from it. No matter how you found me or the path you took to get here, know that I am reaching out an open palm to you now and inviting you to do the same.

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